Scientific Parenting: What Science Reveals About Parental Influence

Written with the celebrated expert in parent-infant mental health Dr. Nicole Letourneau, Scientific Parenting leverages the latest findings in gene-by-environment interactions, epigenetics, behavioural science, and attachment theory to explain why parenting really matters and how parents’ smallest actions can transform their children’s lives.

[Scientific Parenting] is written by someone who knows what she is talking about. If you want to better understand the way parenting affects children both in their personalities, childhood, and adulthood, read this book. It breaks down so many different things. I am SO glad I bought this book.
— reviewer

Scientific Parenting was published in 2013 by Dundurn Press.

There's No Such Thing As Monsters

Set in the post-industrial forests of a civilization in ruins, There's No Such Thing as Monsters tells the story of Sophia, a young woman whose husband has been struck ill by an unknown disease. With her horse saddled up and her rifle at her side, she must venture beyond the wooded outskirts of her tiny village to the rumored cities beyond, in search of the good germs that might cure him.

There's No Such Thing As Monsters originally appeared in Canadian Tales of the Heart Volume III by Red Toque Books.

Riders On the Storm

Driving home across the endless highways of western Canada, our middle-aged narrator wants nothing more than to curl up in a warm bed and forget the storm clouds gathering inexorably overhead. It is thus with shock at his own recklessness--and perhaps a trace of pity--that he chooses to pick up a young waifish hitchhiker. Things are strange from the start and only get stranger as the hours go on and the boy's few words hint at an unspeakable past, while an unpleasant smell rises from the bag at his feet.

Riders on the Storm originally appeared in the inaugural issue of Hello Horror.


Dr. Percy Danon, a professor of folklore at Holy Scepter University, was looking forward to wrapping up the Spring semester when his research assistant Kyle dredged up a curious find: a village deep in Ontario's Boreal Shield populated by dozens of lifelike statues. Spurred on by the precocious Kyle, Percy helms a journey north to the mysterious hamlet in the hopes of writing a paper--or perhaps even a book--on the subject. What he finds is wondrous enough fill a dozen books--assuming he lives to write them.

Statues originally appeared in Here Be Monsters speculative fiction anthology, issue six.